Mission Action Lab

Mission portfolio management


Implementing a mission requires managing a portfolio of complementary measures and projects that together enable progress towards set mission targets. These activities can draw from different types of policy types and instruments (such as analysis, funding, regulatory or fiscal measures) and involve multiple sectors. They can aim to identify new solutions or seek to scale preexisting ones. Mission managers must systematically monitor such activities, learn and adapt from their outcomes, and make tough decisions to prioritise activities that show promise and sunset those that do not. 



The Mission Action Lab works to develop and promote effective portfolio management methodologies that can help mission teams achieve those goals. We therefore investigate questions such as: 

  • What are the essential criteria for effective and proactive mission portfolio monitoring and decision-making? 
  • How can missions effectively leverage broad policy mixes to reach their ambitious objectives? How does mission-oriented innovation policies link up with other types of policies (including horizontal policies, tax or price-based, competition policies)? 
  • What capabilities are needed to adopt a mission portfolio approach? How does mission-oriented policy interact and/or integrate with traditional strategic planning and foresight mechanisms in government?